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Our Mission

Our mission at the Joseph Ahmed Foundation is to identify and rectify the gaps in the outdated treatments of Ewing’s Sarcoma, as well as other childhood cancers. Through our efforts, we want to develop public awareness, and stress the importance of early pediatric cancer detection, prevention, and treatment. Our mission is to fund the research that may discover the root causes of pediatric cancer, and promote the development of innovative and effective treatments that will not only increase survival rates, but ultimately find a cure.

Most importantly, our mission is to keep Joseph’s legacy and dreams alive. Through our foundation, we want to realize his dreams of becoming a doctor and helping others. We want to pay it forward, and provide the hope and support that is so essential for pediatric cancer patients and their families, because no one should ever feel like they are running out of options, or like they are fighting this fight alone. For us, if we save at least one life, one family, one community, our mission will be complete.                   .

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