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HopES Sarcoma Trial

The HopES Phase II trial applies the latest advances in the field of cancer metabolism by evaluating the efficacy and safety of an oral investigational compound that targets the metabolic mechanisms of the disease at the source.  

In April 2018, we were pleased to announce our collaboration with Tyme Technologies, Inc., a clinical-stage oncology company, to develop The Joseph Ahmed Foundation’s first clinical trial. The study is currently sponsored by the Sarcoma Oncology Research Center, LLC led by Dr. Sant Chawla. The goal of the Foundation’s clinical initiatives is to help discover new treatments for metastatic sarcomas with an initial focus on Ewing’s sarcoma.

The current therapies used to treat Ewing’s sarcoma demonstrate limited efficacy and carry the burden of high toxicity. Tyme’s SM-88, a novel oral combination therapy, is designed to selectively target cancer cells while shutting down their functions and leading them to be vulnerable to the body’s defenses. To date, two Ewing’s sarcoma patients have been treated with SM-88 therapy resulting in a complete and partial response with no drug-related severe adverse events.

Through our collaborative efforts over the last two years, on January 16, 2020 we were excited to announce the first patient dosed in the Phase II (HopES) trial. Tyme has agreed to supply SM-88 at no cost and JAF will provide support for physicians to perform investigator-sponsored trials. Your donations and continued support to The Joseph Ahmed Foundation will directly impact the course of this trial. Your donations are vital to helping us achieve our goal of creating better and safer options for patients affected by this disease and to bring much needed HOPE to those who are fighting and battling to survive. This trial has also been discussed by Globe Newswire, OncLive, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Tyme Technologies.

The Joseph Ahmed Foundation’s 1st Clinical Trial: SM-88 as Maintenance Therapy for Advanced Ewing’s Sarcoma Patients and as Salvage Therapy for Sarcoma Patients (HopES)

The primary objective is to evaluate the efficacy of SM-88, a combination metabolic cancer treatment, in two study cohorts:

· Clinically advanced Ewing’s Sarcoma patients who have not progressed at the conclusion of systemic treatment

· Clinically advanced sarcoma patients in the salvage treatment setting

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