© Copyright 2017. The Joseph Ahmed Foundation, a not-for-profit, section 501(c)(3).

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155 East 44 Street 5th floor

New York, NY 10017

+1(212) 867-8667

Board of Directors and Members

President and CEO: Junny Rivera-Ahmed and Joseph's Mother

Co-President and COO: Tharwat Ahmed and Joseph's Father


Board Members:

Jeanetta Stega

Richard Kennedy

Geovany Cruz

Francisco (Frank) Cruz

Olga Davis


Core Supporting Members:

Jennie Gomez - Media Relations and Communications

Junny Greenberg - Media Relations and Communications

Terri Chera - Media Relations and Communications

Jessica Peralta - Finance

Amir Ahmed - Outreach and Business Development

Sylvia Naftchi - Outreach and Business Development

Elizabeth Feudale - Outreach and Business Development

Marcia Cruz - Outreach and Business Development

Debra Springstead - Outreach and Business Development

Barbara Prevosti - Outreach and Business Development

Sophia Dalia - Medical Research and Support

Daryl Davis - Legal Counsel

Danielle Davis - Website Support and Development

Shannon Prevosti - Event Photographer