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In February of 2002, Melanie Fay was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at only nine months old. After her diagnosis, for nearly three years, she underwent various treatments including the removal of her right eye to fight the cancer.


With the grace of God, Melanie went nine years cancer-free, adjusting well to having sight in only one eye. In the summer of 2013, life could not have been more blissful when the family welcomed another baby into the world. However, the happiness came to a screeching halt when Melanie was diagnosed with a secondary cancer, Osteosarcoma.


For two years, Melanie fought bravely against this aggressive form of the disease. In order to save her life, she underwent surgery to remove her left eye, now causing her to become completely blind. For her family, it was one of the hardest experiences they had to endure. Along with Melanie, their world went dark. Yet, through the darkness, their strength returned as Melanie’s fighting spirit triumphed as she adjusted to her new life. She learned to read Braille and how to walk with a cane. Along with her teachers, she learned how to become an independent, blind teenager.

Melanie worked very hard to be accepted into the program of MIRA, USA. This program required Melanie to be independent in using her white cane to navigate around, and to be able to cross the street safely. After many hours of hard work practicing walking, crossing the street, carefully listening to traffic and feeling confident in doing so, she was accepted into the program. It was a very happy time for Melanie and her family.


In the summer of 2014, Melanie traveled to Montreal after a long month of training; she reached her goal, and was the recipient of her very own guide dog, Baza. 


Through it all, Melanie continued to enjoy life as much as she could. Even when she was terminal, her smile could brighten up a whole room. This young warrior taught her family what life is really about, keep trying, enjoy every single moment and never give up.


On October 29, 2015, Melanie Fay, passed away from Metastatic Osteosarcoma at the age of 14. Melanie left her family with the beautiful wisdom of an old soul, "Sometimes you have to make a legacy to end a story.” 


This is her legacy. 

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