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Carl and his Siblings


They were three siblings - Finn, Lotta, and Carl. That is, until they lost their youngest brother, Carl, to Ewing sarcoma. 


20-year-old Finn is the eldest of the three, and was seven when Carl was born. She has always been very disciplined, excellent in school, and never failed to go above and beyond for Carl. She was the big sis, after all. She would tell her baby brother that she loved him “to the moon and back.”


In the middle is 16-year-old Lotta, who had a very close relationship to Carl from the day he was born. She was like a second mum to him, and very protective. In fact, if you saw them together, you might even say she was a bit overprotective. But, Lotta was just as cool and classy as she was caring. She taught Carl all that she knew - from styling the coolest Nike shoes to how to act in certain situations.


Last but certainly not least is Carl. His relationship with his sisters was the epitome of love and honesty, and their mutual adoration was the foundation for a lasting and unbreakable friendship. After starting chemo treatment and losing his hair, the most important thing for Carl was for his sisters to be with him. Losing his hair was such a traumatic experience for all of them. At times, it seemed as if Carl had lost his dignity. He wanted to be sure that even with his new look, his sisters loved him and still found him beautiful.


Carl’s passionate light shined through in everything he did. He loved to play soccer, and knew everything there was to know about it. During his intense treatments, Carl was married to his iPad and Beats. He would distract himself by watching FIFA soccer matches for hours. Carl was always optimistic and believed that he would make it through. He had planned what he wanted to do after treatment was finished. Carl celebrated his 11th birthday on September 12th, and five days later, he was gone. Forever gone…due to this damned disease called Ewing sarcoma – and it still feels surreal and completely incomprehensible to us. 


Carl left a huge empty space in the lives of both girls. He was their little prince. His courage, determination, and positive outlook left a big impression on his sisters. Not a single day goes by that they don’t talk about him. There are so many moments in which he is deeply missed. 


Carl, we still don’t know how to live our lives without you - Mum.

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